Oxygen’s exhibition stand design

Oxygen’s exhibition stand design teams are passionate about creating dynamic, functional exhibition stands tailored to our individual client’s needs.

After all, no client is the same and no one wants an exhibition stand that has been seen before, however great !

We consolidate our client’s company brand image as well as its offerings into every aspect of the bespoke exhibition stand design.

One of the first steps in the design process is to ask our client to complete the Oxygen exhibitions’ Perfect Exhibition Stand Brief which you can download by registering your name and email address in the form on the right of this page.

Our teams will get to work using their genius imaginations and expertise to produce initial illustrations for presentation to our client.  This is a great opportunity to talk over the exhibition stand design with visuals, so that our client gets a real feeling of how their impressive stand is going to look.  Of course this is the most obvious time, for all parties, to propose changes to the design. However changes can be incorporated even once the build has commenced, as our stands are built from scratch using our own UK teams. Clients have the luxury of being able to change certain elements at each stage; as long as they can be physically achieved within the time frame, they will be done.

As each bespoke exhibition stand evolves from design to production, we keep in constant communication with our client, ensuring fonts and colours are precise to the brand.

From exhibition stand conception to production, we make it our business to really get to know our client’s business so that we fully understand the objectives and how best to present and highlight the services and products on offer.   A well designed exhibition stand should leave visitors and prospects in no doubt whatsoever as to the services and products offered.  Equally important is that they have all the information they need to make a future deal or be able to contact the relevant personnel within the exhibiting company.

Exhibition stand design is an important part of ensuring our clients stand out amongst all the other competitors in the exhibition hall, the objective being to draw in real prospects.  Not only is it important to look at plans and drawings but it is equally important to reflect on exhibitions previously attended.  If our client has exhibited before, we genuinely ask questions as to what did work well before and, more crucially, we ask questions about what elements of the stand didn’t work so well, or hampered the sales team.

Exhibition stand design components that are consistently considered when we are creating custom exhibition stands are:

  • Showcasing  services and products
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Literature
  • Footfall flow on the stand and within the hall
  • Striking Reception areas
  • Seating
  • Meeting areas
  • Hospitality areas and requirements
  • Flooring
  • Storage within the stand
  • Security of equipment
  • Effectual use of lighting
  • Height advantages of custom walls
  • Electrical points
  • Plumbing

The list above is not exhaustive and as such each and every exhibition stand design has its own challenges. Stands evolve and get ever more technical.

At Oxygen exhibitions we relish the fact that we can conceive, design, create, produce and build exhibition stands to an exceptionally high quality.