Successful Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are paramount to the success of you and your company’s business at any show or exhibition.

Why bother paying out for the cost of having you and your sales team there if you’re not able to attract and engage potential clients?

Oxygen exhibitions have over 25 years experience in:

  • Designing and creating exhibition stands
  • Shipping and handling exhibition stands
  • Building and installing exhibition stands
  • Breaking down exhibition stands
  • Storing exhibition stands

From the very moment the idea of exhibiting is conceived you should talk to us, get in touch

You will be positively amazed at the time and money we can save for you, right from the concept.

Some companies worry about getting the experts involved at such an early stage, but we can assure you, this is the best time to get Oxygen exhibitions involved; it won’t cost you anymore than if you came to us halfway through your project, but it will certainly be cheaper than coming to us at the last minute.  Planning to exhibit is time consuming – we can be of assistance straight away.

Our expertise in all aspects of understanding the exhibiting trade will save you so much time and effort

We can advise you on securing the best space in the hall that suits your budget before you do anything else. From that point on we can talk to you about your exposure in that space and how to maximize your potential at the exhibition.   Once the space and size have been confirmed, then we will begin work with you on the design. Enhancing your whole exhibition stand is crucial; it has to flow, stand out, be enticing and informative too.  Don’t worry, we have the entire tool kit and skills to ensure your exhibition stand has all the elements required to achieve maximum prospect potential.

We will liaise with the exhibition organizers to arrange all the on-site facilities required for your stand

We will organise the electrics, flooring, ceiling rigging, plumbing, risk assessments, method statements and material fire certificates. These are all time consuming arrangements and can be quite confusing. However, as we already have heaps of experience in dealing with these processes, we can easily coordinate this for you.

Using Oxygen exhibitions will save you time, money and resources time and time again

One of the many stories we repeatedly hear,  is of companies who insist on sending in their own sales team to put up the exhibition stand a couple of days before the show opens. Not only have they wasted valuable time and resource beforehand by having to make all the arrangements themselves, but more often than not, their sales teams are absolutely exhausted before the show even opens.  Only to find that their major competitors have used the services of a good quality stand contractor, and the whole sales team turn up fresh-faced, relaxed and ready to complete the  best sale or biggest deal of the exhibition.  This is so common and a mistake companies make, especially when the decision makers are not the ones erecting the stand or even attending the show.  This is truly a false economy.

Use Oxygen exhibitions stand design & production to take the stress out of your next exhibiting event

It’s what we do best!

Our key to prosperity is measured by our clients’ exhibiting success