Design Solutions
that win you business

The importance of unique, tailored design

A well-designed stand will leave visitors in no doubt as to the services or products on offer. A striking display will stop people in their tracks, luring them away from the competition. It will mirror your brand identity, acting as a powerful marketing tool. It will also be functional, designed to meet the specific needs of your salesteam and the prospects they’re entertaining.

At Oxygen Exhibitions we take time over the design brief to ensure that the stand you dream of is the stand you get. There must be a matching of visions and an understanding of expectations. Our thorough approach combined with our creative flair promises an exciting and prosperous show experience. Our design takes full advantage of the space allocated and makes the most of your budget.

The exhibition design process

  • Consultation – We spend time getting to know your business and understanding your reasons for participating in the show. We discuss your brand image, values and target audience so that your stand attracts people who’ll buy from you, not time-wasters. We consider any special requirements and take note of your budget.
  • Concept – Our talented design team then use their imaginations and expertise to sketch a conceptual design. They consider the location, dimensions, orientation and likely flow of visitor traffic. They give your stand a creative edge whilst respecting your brand positioning.
  • Design – Once approved, they bring the initial concept to life using 3D CAD software. They add structure, colour and graphics – detail that helps you visualise the finished product. They advise on wording to clearly communicate your message and stunning imagery to catch the eye.
  • Changes – The stands are built from scratch in our very own workshop, allowing you to make changes even once production has begun. You can tweak any element at any stage as long as we can still meet the event deadline.

Design considerations

Possible stand components include:

Reception desk
Private meeting area
Hospitality bar
Demo stage
Display cabinets
Handmade sculptures

Audio-visual equipment
Electrical points
Secure storage
Literature racks

Whenever possible, we encourage you to reuse sections of your stand, amortising the cost and helping the environment. Our on-site storage facility means that we can safely house your display, allowing you anytime access for future shows. A bespoke stand will be built differently if it’s intended for multiple use, so this is an important point to cover at the design stage.