The right team and tools
for a smooth build

Well-organised & safe

As a full service provider, Oxygen Exhibitions can both set up and dismantle your stand. We have years of experience installing low, medium and high level platforms, adding staging, hospitality suites and offices. We’re master builders, experts in plumbing and wiring and gurus of information technology.

Every installation is time bound. Our project manager arranges access and selects the ideal team to build your stand in a timely manner. He also provides the event organiser with the all-important Method Statement, detailing how the work will be carried out. The statement lists potential hazards and outlines the measures taken to ensure the safety of all involved. Without this document, you cannot exhibit.

Practice makes perfect

The build itself is a team effort. The Oxygen crew are expertly trained and fully briefed on each assembly. They’re equipped with the right tools for the job – trolleys for heavy equipment, genie lifts and aluminium towers for tall structures. They take responsibil- ity for the whole build, including the accessories.

Their job is to ensure that your stand looks fantastic and is fully functional. They erect walls and panels, position furniture and hook up electrics, water and waste. They put up signs, fill displays and help set out refreshments. They come prepared for any eventuality, carrying spare bulbs and screws of all sizes. Their input allows your own team to turn up on the day and focus on the sole task of promoting your business.

Packed away for another day

When the event comes to a close, our crew take down your stand, unplug your equipment and carefully pack it away. They check the inventory to make sure nothing is missing and inspect every item for damage – their diligence paying dividends at your next event.

If your business has limited space, you have the option of storing your stand at our warehouse. Our storage facility is secure, dry and easily accessible. Enjoy the flexibility of using individual stand components at interim events, making the most of your exhibition investment.