Stand quality
that reflects brand prestige

Expert labour & premium materials

A shell scheme may be adequate if you’re a novice exhibitor on a tight budget but you’re unlikely to stand out from the crowd. Only a custom-made stand can achieve that elusive wow-factor. Built from scratch, you can use it in different configurations to suit spaces of all sizes, from a simple booth to a double decker structure. Consider it as an investment for the future.

The production phase is all about using materials of exceptional quality and highly skilled labour. Attention to detail is everything. On the day, we want you to look your best and take pride in presenting to clients. At the Monaco Yacht Show, our stands are renowned for their high gloss finish. We individually manufacture wall panels, then coat them in a superior grade yacht paint before hand polishing them for an unparalleled sheen. Our commitment to quality is clear to see.

In-house production & specialist suppliers

At Oxygen Exhibitions we have the unique ability to combine cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. The main structure of each stand is built in-house, together with the flooring. Cabinet making is done by our very own joinery, while bespoke sculptures are created in our on-site workshop.

Over the years we have built up a network of reputable suppliers, who are all masters of their trade. Whether connoisseurs of glass or professional steelworkers they are perfectionists, like us. All stand components must be of the highest quality and arrive in time to meet our strict deadlines. When it comes to graphics, brand fonts and colours must be an exact match.

Bringing it all together

Our clients are attracted by our high standards. Every brief is assigned a project manager, who takes responsibility for your stand, from concept through to installation. He ensures that no corners are cut during production and that the various components fit together perfectly to create an exhibition masterpiece.

Your core stand can be enhanced with a stage, stairs, canopy, cabinetry, plinths, showcases, unusual pieces of furniture and much more. There is no limit to the talent and skill of our production team.