Hadid at Ebace 2012

“The thing that I liked most was the efficiency of the team”

“I liked the stand very much; the idea of the fuselage was fantastic and producing it to reality was marvelous! It was really unique. The alcoves were very nice and practical too specially with the comfortable sofas. The thing that I liked most was the efficiency of the team making the constructions work, the guys were really smart and efficient and were able to come up with quick solutions for any amendments I wanted to make. All in all, our stand was perfect and it will be worthy to work with ‘Oxygen Exhibitions’ again and repeat the same stand next year”. Iyan Ayasso, Publicity and Fairs Executive.

The stand was at the ‘European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition  2012’  (EBACE) in Geneva – May 2012.  Our unique design and build gave the ability for Hadid’s staff to host 4 separate private meetings with seating for at least six people in each meeting area, the blue mock up of the fuselage gave a very private VIP suite with mock up aircraft steps going into the area.  The bar area was fully utilized at all times by visitors and was exceptionally functional for those serving behind it.

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