Experts in logistics
and exhibiting overseas

Opening new doors in new markets

There are numerous benefits to exhibiting internationally. Whether breaking into a new market, strengthening an existing brand presence or simply gathering information on your competitors, it creates new opportunities for your business. However, the idea of transporting your stand overseas can be daunting. Exhibiting in a different country requires careful planning and good connections.

Oxygen Exhibitions are experienced at showing all over the world from Fort Lauderdale to Kazakhstan. Our project manager organises the safe shipment of your stand directly to the venue, monitoring its progress throughout the transit phase. For larger events he arrives on site several days beforehand to personally oversee its safe arrival and installation. Our shipping procedures have been fine-tuned over the years, giving you complete peace of mind.

Arriving on time

Successful shipping comes down to careful coordination and effective management. We work closely with our freight forwarding partners to ensure that all your display components arrive in prime condition. Having assembled your exhibit, we allow time for your salesteam to familiarise themselves with the stand before the show opens. Our connections mean that we can offer you the most direct route at the best price. We can also guarantee quick customs clearance.

We’re aware of local holidays and understand local laws. We’re familiar with parking and waiting procedures at the venue, knowing when to get in line and when to offload. We’ll remove boxes and crates once you’ve set up and store them until you need them again. Rest assured nothing will go missing.

Returning home safely

However, getting to the venue is only half the journey. An exhibition stand is a major investment and it’s likely that your prized display will be needed at a future event, so must be brought home intact. We’ll load it onto a truck and drive it to the relevant airport or ferry port, taking care of the complex paperwork.

Involving a contractor experienced in international shipping means not having to make special arrangements to recover items left behind or file claims for damaged goods. We’re professionals who prevent such costly mishaps and who eliminate the risks involved with exhibiting abroad.