A stress-free service
delivered by professionals

Valuable experience & Know-How

Exhibitions are our speciality, so it makes sense to involve us from the outset. Our expertise will save you time, money and a lot of stress. As a full service agency, we’ll help you secure the best space in the hall and come up with a design that makes the desired impact. The process starts with a full consultation, our brief being determined by what you want out of the show.

At Oxygen Exhibitions we know what works and how it works. We have an eye for detail and are familiar with potential pitfalls. A common mistake is to insist on your salesteam putting up your stand. Their value lies elsewhere, in connecting and selling. You want them to turn up on the day fresh-faced and feeling relaxed. If a problem arises, we’ll be on hand to resolve it. Using a reliable, quality-focused contractor means they can turn their attention to business and fully engage with prospective clients.

From design & build to project management

Choose from our comprehensive range of individual services or appoint us to manage the whole project on your behalf:

  • Design – The stand itself is paramount to your success. Whether a lightweight modular system or a more complex custom-built design, we’ll create a showstopper that reflects your brand.
  • Production – Built in our very own workshop, we’ll take care of everything from the main structure to the cabinetry and flooring, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Shipping – We’ll safely transport your display to its destination, allowing ample time to set up. Being late is not an option. We will ensure that your stand is complete and your team are raring to go when those doors open.
  • Installation – Our dedicated team will carefully install and dismantle your display, providing the event organiser with the necessary Method Statement.
  • Project Management – Planning is time consuming and an ill-prepared stand could damage your image. We’ll arrange everything from flooring and plumbing to lighting and refreshments, ensuring that all your needs are catered for.

The extras that make the difference

Depending on what you need, we’ll either create it ourselves or source it from one of our trusted suppliers. Typical requests include:

  • Graphics – From vinyl cut lettering to large scale prints on backdrops, side panels and banners, we’ll handle all your printing requirements.
  • Video production – Often, as part of their exhibition, clients may have a video running on an HD TV or projector. We can also take a brief and produce the videos for you. Whether it’s a simple slideshow of your products, happy client/staff interviews or an animation explaining how your product or company works.
  • Sculptures – Our talented craftsmen will model bespoke designs on request, unusual items that catch the eye and create a talking point.
  • Beverages – Wine and soft drinks may be a minor detail but they play a crucial role in the overall stand experience. Ordering in advance saves dashing to the nearest supermarket.
  • Marketing Collateral – Our partners can provide sales literature of the highest quality and promotional items such as t-shirts, pens, umbrellas and bags.
  • Storage – After the show, we’ll inspect your stand before storing it in our secure, dry warehouse. Enjoy competitive rates and access whenever you want.

These are just a few examples. From providing glass showcases to red carpet and ropes, nothing is too much trouble. We value you as a long term client and will go to great lengths to satisfy your needs.